Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cupid, draw back your bow

I had another skateboarding accident. I'm all scraped and sore, I got sunburned and my face is kinda puffy from crying, but I think I'm styling it out. I was walking through the park yesterday crying my mascara down my cheeks, I'm really dedicated to girlmonster looks.
Hat from primark, dress from H&M, doc marten shoes. I wore this dress so I wouldn't aggravate my wounds.
*pictures of bloody grazes and sore stuff ahead, please don't look if it will upset you*

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wait a minute honey, I'm gonna add it up

Some prints I did last week. Lino prints on top of random-o inky prints. The bottom one is a mono-print type thing I guess but with a sharpie drawing on top

I got a new earring for my cartilage piercing. It's a titanium circular bar bell. Titanium is supposed to be really good for piercings, because it's super unreactive, it won't tarnish, rust or cause allergic reactions. And they can colour it by passing an electrical current through, I think, which means there's no coating or plating, but I went for a plain polished one. I got it from Serenity Jewellery, and I would recommend them. It's not too dear and the postage was really quick. I've been wanting a ring like this for year and half! I think when my lobe piercing heals I'll put an endless ring in it, or maybe the same as this one, I haven't quite decided yet.

Hope you're enjoying Mid term/Easter break!

Fleetwood Mac - Rihannon

Hole - Doll Parts

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Black Magic Woman

Dress from a charity shop, tights from a charity shop, converse shoes, hat from primark

I love this dress so much, I bought it on Saturday, but I saw in the charity shop the Saturday before, but I didn't have money with me (rookie mistake, right there). Somehow it was still there a week later so I had to buy it.
It's giving so many vibes, I feel like a character from an 80s John Hughes movie today, but it also reminds of something Kurt Cobain would have worn and on the flip side of the coin it sort makes me think of the old Mary-Kate and Ashley movies! Anyway it has a super nostalgic feeling and it's perfect for the weather we have right now.

Okay to play us out today, Fleetwood Mac, Black Magic Woman:

I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac a lot recently. My granddad gave me "The Best Of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac", that's how I heard this song. I never really listen to the old Fleetwood Mac songs, but I've been getting into it more these last few days.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

But you and I will remain

The Growlers - Humdrum Blues

Together Pangea - Offer

The Orwells - Who Needs You?

The Growlers - Wandering Eyes
(can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful Brooks Nielsen from The Growlers is? Like, wow. I never knew a moustache could be sexy)

Some of the music I've been digging recently. The Growlers are the newest addition. I literally started listening to them yesterday. I listened to their song "One Million Lovers" a few months ago and I loved it and meant to listen to more but I forgot. I've been listening to their latest album "Hung at Heart" today and yesterday and I sort of love it with all my heart. My music taste usually has one start point with various offspring and variations on a theme, but The Growlers are a whole genre in themselves, they're like nothing else I listen to, they're probably not like anything you've ever listened to either. They also sounds nothing like what I was expecting, the name The Growlers made me think of some kind of shout-y, Fidlar/Beach fossils mash-up thing, but they aren't like that at all. They are lo-fi though.

So, sit back relax and enjoy the beautiful music!

Monday, 17 March 2014

You will discover that it's never over

Dress from topshop, waistcoat was a hand-me-down from my cousin, tights from peacocks or something, socks from topshop

This is my favourite St. Patrick's Day outfit I've ever done, on previous years I haven't had anything green to wear, but now I have this lovely dress and cute as hell orange waistcoat

I also put on my orange lippy, its called Coral in Gold, by Rimmel

My family are away out to this folk park for St. Patrick's Day, but I've been loads of times and I wanted to stay home by myself and relax and listen to some good music and stuff.

[pictures of a slightly gross, scraped leg ahead, please don't look if that will upset you] 
I may as well share with you the story of my second skateboarding accident. I was skating out of my college car park and over balanced and fell, and I think I must slid across the tarmac too, based on the appearance of the scrape. I was wearing shorts and tights, somehow my primark tights survived but my leg unfortunately did not (they were 100 denier tights, though). That happened on Friday, its not so sore anymore, but the bruises are starting to come up, which is horrible looking.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

But I guess I'll never change your mind

I have to apologise to myself for my neglect of my dear blog. I've been feeling negative amounts of motivation, but if anything can motivate to get posting again its this adorable Ralph Lauren tank top.
Top from a charity shop, jeans from internacionale, converse shoes

This top is my favouirte purchase in a good while, it sends me so many 90s vibes, I feel like I should be a cast member if Kids.

The high neckline is so important!

And the little split!

Selfie attack

The safety pin looks so good with my new earring plus my old cartilage one.

It's probably a little early to be wearing this top to be honest, but its been so sunny and nice recently. Not very warm but warm enough to wear no jacket and I was so eager to wear this little top. Its that kind of weather where the clear skies mean its cold and frosty in the morning but by afternoon the sun is shining and everyone is abandoning their jackets.

You can see in the picture of my shoes that I got a new skateboard. My old one was a cheap sort of one, it was a really sweet gift and handy wee thing to learn on, but after borrowing my friends penny board I could not turn back so I bought myself one. It is actually a Ridge board, but it's basically the same the spec as a real Penny and its beautiful! (and its was like half the price of a Penny!)

Anyway, that's me out. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, 3 March 2014


Hey, thought I'd just catch up with the old blog. This week I went out to a comedy gig with my brother and my dad. He was called Neil Delamere, from Dublin. It was a pretty good gig, he was quite funny, the odd offensive joke but not too bad.

This is (a bad picture of) what I wore. Hat from primark, little scarf is my mums, from Portobello I think, shirt from NV, jeans from internacionale, pink docs and a wee bag from a charity shop.

I got up the guts to wear my orange lippy again, and I am very pleased about it. My orange lipstick still has a spot in my heart!

On Saturday I went out to a nightclub for the first time. My brother asked me did I want to go out with him and his friends and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be spontaneous, despite being a nervous wreck! For the laugh we decided to wear shirts and ties, two of the boys ditched the ties but we all looked sharp!

I wore this outfit but with black tights, top from a charity shop, tie is my brothers, shorts from topshop, shoes from new look

I'll only post this pic of me and my brother (I don't feel right posting the others without the boys permission)

There was 6 of us overall and we all stayed in a cheap hotel in Belfast. We had two triple rooms, with a double and bunk bed! We didn't care though, we all bunged in. It was a brilliant night, the guys bought me drinks the whole night, but not in a creepy way, just a nice way. They were all really nice to me, they didn't even know me before that night. I just danced away, and one of them said I was dancing "like the wind", I think it was a compliment, I'm taking it as one! It was a good first experience, I had a feeling it would go badly but I really enjoyed it and I definitely want to go out with them again.

Aaanyway, Happy Monday!