Tuesday, 12 August 2014

But I saw you kiss him again and again

Top from a charity shop, jeans from H&M, doc marten shoes

Great great granny's cardigan

The print on this top is so fabulous. Actually everything about it is fabulous, its sheer, so on warmer days I can do the visible underwear look that I'm fond of, it has this cutesy little frilly edge and just the general shape of it with the high neckline and how fitted it is. I love it!

Today was a weird kind of day. It started quite sad for me when my friend told me about Robin Williams. I am so so sad that he is dead. I love him a lot and have tonnes of respect for him. I grew up watching Jack at my grandparents house, Mrs. Doubtfire is this family favourite at my house, every one of us loves it. Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society are two of my favourite movies, not least because of Robin. What a great man, I'm very happy that he lived.

Me and my friend were talking for a good while today, and our conversations kept coming in circles. He was explaining what a "farce" was to me and it brought us back to Robin Williams in "RV", later we were talking about his favourite plays and musicals one of which being "la cage aux folles", which Robin Williams stars in the movie adaption of, and another being "The Comedy of Errors" which brought us back to "farce". There were more that that but I forget now. It was so strange and funny.

Monday, 11 August 2014

I wish I would have seen you in the bakery

So I did make myself some lipgloss yesterday and I'll tell how I did it, its super easy.

  • I took this tin of vaseline and heated it up in a little dish of boiling water (with the lid off it floated and that worked well)
  • I scraped the colours from the eyeshadow palette into the lid of the tin using a tooth pick. I used a red and dark purple. If you look at the picture you can see that two of the colours have been scraped (bottom right corner)
  • I mixed these up with the tooth pick
  • I then added the pigment to the soft vaseline and mixed it really well
  • I stuck it in the fridge for like 1 min (it hardens quickly and my fridge is really cold) and tried it on my lips
  • I wanted a bit more colour, so I put it back into the hot water and repeated the steps
  • I tried it again and it was how I wanted it
  • I then, and this is just me being picky, set it on the counter and put the hairdryer on it for a minute so that it kind of settled and looked nice.
I have loads of tins of vaseline so I might try it again sometime and do another colour!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The red tide's near

Jacket is a hand-me-down

Dress is from a charity shop, random-o fishnets, shoes from primark

I did my eyeliner so good today

My plans for today are to go out for dinner with my parents and then I'm going to make my own lip gloss. I have a tin of vaseline that has a lot out of it and loads of cheap eyeshadow so I'm going to try it. If it doesn't work out I'm not wasting too much. I'm excited though because I'm a huge cheap skate (as you probably already know, since I buy all my clothes from charity shops) and I really don't want to spend £9 on a lipstick, even if I really want it.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Smile, smile Bobby

Top from a charity shop, skirt from a charity shop, tights from dorothy perkins, boots from ebay

Under dressed for the weather, over dressed for the occasion goth girl, summer aesthetic.
I'm literally going to get burgers from a burger van and nosy in some charity shops. Which is what I do ever Saturday, actually. It's like a ritual or a tradition or something now.

Friday, 8 August 2014


Paint-y arm/scruffy jeans looks
Top from a charity shop, hat from primark, belt from my granny, old converse, shitty internacionale jeans

great great granny's cardigan

I can't wait till the weekend to get to wear something cute, hopefully I'll have some proper nice outfits to post.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


I look so scruffy, I just got back from working at Emma's. I can't wear nice clothes, because the work is too messy. I just wear these old jeans that have gone all horrible and I wear this big ugly t-shirt over whatever top I'm wearing.

This top is actually new and it is really nice. I've been really into weird little vests recently, every time I go to the charity shops I find at least one, they'll all make their way onto the blog at some stage. I loved the little lace up bit at the front!

Jacket's from a charity shop, as well

This is my work t-shirt!

Right now I am having serious artist's block. Every time I take a pen or pencil and a sketchbook I just sigh and can't do anything. I haven't drawn anything or made any art in over 2 months. The last thing I posted in my art tag is the last thing I've drawn and that was in May. Its gotten quite desperate. Emma set me a challenge to fill one A4 page in my sketch book with a drawing, a self-portrait or an illustration of a poem. It's so daunting, I don't want to do it. I need to get my shit together and start making art again, not making art sucks.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

You never know what you'll forget

Dress from a charity shop, tights from god knows where, boots from a market

Jacket is a hand-me-down from my great uncle

I've wanted a babydoll dress for like ever!

That's me in case you forget

I've been so busy lately, I've been neglecting the old blog! I'm working 5 days a weeks, 2 with a graphic design/web design company and 3 with a local artist. It's pretty great only neither one pays me. I'm living off some money I saved during college, but when summer ends or even sooner I'll get a job.

I'm not sure how much I've shared on this blog, but I applied for uni, then didn't get the grades to get in, however Leeds College of Art still offered me a place. I've decided to defer for a year though, since I was very unprepared and broke. I feel good about this decision, I'm glad I have a year to work and make money and gain experience.

I' really enjoying this summer, I'm so busy and its so unusual for me. I usually spend the summer's bored and miserable, with nothing to do. I really like having things to do and places to go, and I really enjoy working for Emma, she's so good to me and gives me so much good advice and encouragement.

I hope your summer's is going nice!