Saturday, 12 July 2014

Please don't let me be misunderstood

Top from a charity shop, chopped up by myself, skirt from a charity shop, shoes from primark, tights from a charity shop

I bought this top for £1 and just chopped a load off the bottom to make this weird little crop top. I know it's going to roll at the raw edge but I don't think it matters? I work out some kind of diy solution when it happens.

It me!

Emma, the artist I'm working for lends me a lot of things. We talk about movies and music and stuff a lot. Inception was amazing and I still have to watch the other two. She put on this PJ Harvey album yesterday because she thought I would like it and I really did so she let me borrow it to copy for myself. And also these two interesting art books that she thought would be of interest, and they are! Peter Saville is the man behind the Joy Division and New Order album covers!

I'm really enjoying working for her. Its unpaid though, so I still have to find a job but I don't want to have stop working for her, because I really like it. I like learning things from her about the art industry and I just like her company too. She's very encouraging and gives good advice, too.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Unusual World

Badge is a halloween spider safety pinned on.
I love this weird little bat-wing blouse I found the other day, it kind of reminds me of SpookyPuke.

Blouse from a charity shop, leggings from NV, shoes from primark

I haven't worn these leggings in ages, but I wanted to wear something comfy and cute.

I kind of feel like a superhero in these leggings, hence the stance. The blouse is a good alternative for a cape. I don't know what my super-power would be, though.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

What it is that surprises me

Shirt from a charity shop, waistcoat hand-me-down from my cousin, shorts hand-me-down from my mum/granny, shoes from primark

This outfit was from Tuesday, my eyeliner was spot-on that day.

I was interning for an artist on Monday. She is multi-media artist who is working on some sculptures at the minute and she ran into some tight deadlines, with exhibitions being moved forward unexpectedly, so I will be working with her for a while. I quite enjoyed it, she seems very intelligent. I'm going back tomorrow and I'm looking forward to staying a bit longer and getting to do more! She has a really cool home too, her Father designed it in the 70s and it is very typical of 70s architecture, which I love. And she has a lovely view from her studio, over her big garden and hills and trees, its dreamy.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Shirt from a charity shop, necklace used to be a hairband, shoes from new look, jeans from internacionale

Subtle make-up look, lipstick is "Coral in Gold" by Rimmel

Very Excited for Lee Evans, we're heading out in a couple of minutes! This is my outfit for the night

Monday, 23 June 2014

The world is lazy

Jacket is a hand-me-down from my great-uncle

Lambretta bag, used to be my mum's

Shirt from Exhibit, skirt from a charity shop, boots from ebay.
This skirt is actually a school skirt and today in town I met a girl who was wearing the same one with her uniform, which I found quite amusing.

I love these two patterns together

I wear these brooches because I wish I could fly away


I felt like a proper cute little weird girl today. It was nice enough day today, warm enough for bare legs, but cool enough that I can still wear a jacket. God, I miss jackets when it's warm. sometimes the jacket just completes the outfit, y'know.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Lee Evans, live in Derry. I'm very VERY excited, because Lee Evans is one of my all time favourite comedians! I'm going with my brother and sister. We're going to see his tour in November as well, but this gig is like a practice run, where he's trying out his tour material. The venue is much smaller than he usually does. He does sell-out arena tours and they're amazing, but I'm super psyched to see him in a smaller venue. I'll probably come home with mascara all over my face from laughing so hard. Now, I just have to think of a nice outfit to wear!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Shades of Cool

Top and jeans are hand-me-downs, shoes from primark

This is outfit is inspired by the cool skater girls of the 70s. 

I've taken to wearing one statement earring these days, like my skeleton here or my pencil previously. This necklace came from a market I think and the earring is from sainsbury's.

I hope someday I can reach their level!

The title is from Lana Del Rey's album, which I haven't listened to in full yet, but I'm really digging a few of songs. This outfits is made up of shades of cool green and blue after all. Also I'm twinning this post with Amelia's post Shades of Cool. She gave me a sweet shout-out on her blog and twinned one of my outfits, which was really cool! She's got a really cool blog, she does great outfits and music and all sorts! Check her out!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

I wish he was my boyfriend

Shirt from a charity shop, jeans from ebay (originally topshop), belt used to be my granny's, plimsolls from primark

Pencil earring from market

Watch used to be my mum's

Digging this song right now

I'm listening to Best Coast's album "Crazy For You" for the first time. I'm am so into it. It's perfect summer music for me, because it's got super cool upbeat vibes, but with seriously relatable lyrics and stuff. I like to be able to dance about and sing along passionately while also being like "Dude! Yes, you get me! Wow." 
Also, Bethany Cosentino is a total babe!