Monday, 15 September 2014

Polly wants a cracker

Dress from a charity shop, hat from primary, doc marten shoes

Leather vest from a charity shop

I just love my head when its freshly shaved

This earring belonged to my mum, the other one broke but I like wearing unmatching earrings and this fairy/angel (?) is so beautiful

Necklace made by my little sister

Since my last post I got the job at HMV/Xtravision. I just finished my first week. Its quite stressful and I keep making mistakes. I'm learning though. Its just a job, it's just to save some money and I'm only going to be working there for a year anyway.

I'm hoping to a day or two off in a row this week so I can go up to my brother's and have a bit of a party for fresher's week. I'm not a fresher obviously, but he is.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

His master's voice

Top from a charity shop, dungarees from topshop (chopped up by me), shoes from primark

My granny bought me these tights, from primark I think. If you read my blog often you might have realised that my granny buys me the best things! And even the old hand-me-downs she passes on to me are always fab! She's really great and she's so generous.

My bestest bud bought me this choker necklace (my sister!). Again she is a little babe and she gets really good gifts!

So I got some new earrings. Two titanium ball closure rings, but I twisted the ball round the back so I would just have the ring visible. I've put them both in temporarily, but when I get some more piercings I'm gonna move the bottom one. I really like them, I think they look well with my other helix one.

I had a job interview yesterday for HMV and Xtravision (it's the one place now), which is pretty cool. I'm really hoping I get the job, because if I do I get free rentals and other perks that they'll tell me if I'm successful. I love HMV, it would be brilliant if I got a staff discount, I'd buy so many CDs!

Wish me luck, and if you're going back to school or college good luck to you too!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I look so good tonight

Top from a charity shop, jeans from topshop, converse trainers, jacket from new look

These jeans are the bomb! My granny bought them for me, she has the best taste!

I'm going to see about some more piercings today. I want a tragus or maybe a another lobe piercing on this ear.

I want another 3 more piercings on this ear, but I'm going to do them gradually. I bought a couple of new rings, which I now need piercings for.

I'm hoping to hear back about a job, so if I get it I'm going to get a bunch of these piercings done.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Saw a dead cat on the side of the road

Top my sister bought me!!! Shorts from a charity shop (50p, get in!), random-o tights, shoes from primark

These shorts have some tacky diamante on the front, I might pick them off if I can be bothered.

I love Fleetwood Mac so much and I love this t-shirt a lot too! My sister bought it for me when she went on a short break over to England with our granny and granddad. It was so sweet of her!

My jam right now
Teen Suicide - Worthless

This band are really good. Like totally lo-fi, diy, noise and shit, but also some really sweet acoustic tunes. They're not together anymore, but you can still get their music off bandcamp. I got a 25 track album of rarities and acoustics and demos for like £4.20!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Someday soon you'll be on fire

Top from a charity shop, shorts from ebay (originally asos), tights from dorothy perkins, converse

These hot pants though...

Necklace was made for me by my friend and I have no idea where i got this little flower badge.

I had a really nice day yesterday. We went to get burgers like we do most Saturdays and I got a nice little grey Calvin Klein t-shirt and some cute denim shorts, for a £1 in total! And then I got chatting to an old friend and she told me she's going to Cambridge University next year to study English Lit, which is so cool! I'm so proud of her! And I'm proud of myself, because I finally broke through my artist block and did some really nice watercolour and black biro drawings!

Today I'm going to chill, maybe do more drawings and skip around my house in these hot pants. Man, they are so freeing, my legs aren't restricted in any way by trousers, it's brilliant!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

My dirty little US dollar

Top from a charity shop, jeans from internacionale, boots from ebay, bag was one I found in our attic

My quiff has returned! Loom band choker was made by my little sister

Wearing the same top two posts in a row, oops. I really do adore this top though. I actually originally wore this outfit last week, when took a day out to Belfast by myself. I didn't get a chance to get pics, so I wore it again today.

I had the nicest day ever in Belfast though. I wanted to go to The Ulster Museum and see what was up and on my way there I found this adorable used bookshop and cafe. I bought two books, James Joyce Ulysses and Virginia Woolf To The Lighthouse. It only came to £7 and the lady who owned the shop gave me a cup of tea on the house, which was nice of her. I spent the day looking in charity shops, vintage shops (well "vintage" shops), HMV and I sat in Botanic Gardens for a while reading before my parents came back for me (they had taken my little sister to the zoo).

I have spent most of the last week lazing about, my work with the artist has pretty much come to an end. Her exhibition opens in England the first week of September, so she's basically finished all the work. I'm gonna miss it, I really liked working for her.

It's weird having summer ending. This has been the weirdest summer ever for me. I usually hate summer and usually have nothing to do, but being busy has really been nice. This has been the best summer for years. I'm really quite sad to see it end, because everybody is going to go back to their everyday routine and I don't really have a routine to go back to this year. I'm waiting to hear back about a job and then I'm just going to work all year and its going to be strange. But I'm going to try and enjoy the rest of summer as much as I can!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

But I saw you kiss him again and again

Top from a charity shop, jeans from H&M, doc marten shoes

Great great granny's cardigan

The print on this top is so fabulous. Actually everything about it is fabulous, its sheer, so on warmer days I can do the visible underwear look that I'm fond of, it has this cutesy little frilly edge and just the general shape of it with the high neckline and how fitted it is. I love it!

Today was a weird kind of day. It started quite sad for me when my friend told me about Robin Williams. I am so so sad that he is dead. I love him a lot and have tonnes of respect for him. I grew up watching Jack at my grandparents house, Mrs. Doubtfire is this family favourite at my house, every one of us loves it. Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society are two of my favourite movies, not least because of Robin. What a great man, I'm very happy that he lived.

Me and my friend were talking for a good while today, and our conversations kept coming in circles. He was explaining what a "farce" was to me and it brought us back to Robin Williams in "RV", later we were talking about his favourite plays and musicals one of which being "la cage aux folles", which Robin Williams stars in the movie adaption of, and another being "The Comedy of Errors" which brought us back to "farce". There were more that that but I forget now. It was so strange and funny.